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Mike Hayes VOCALS. Mike Hayes sings lead vocals for The Sixties. He began his music career at age 13 playing drums and doing back up vocals for "The Road Runners". Shortly thereafter he joined "The Runaways", and played drums and sang back-up vocals with them through his first year of college. After returning from Vietnam, he began disc-jockeying and did this until the mid 90's. Moving to the Villages in 2006, he played with the "Sunset Cruzers", again playing drums, but also singing lead vocals. From there, again singing lead vocals, he played with "The Salt & Pepper Shakers", "Joint Venture" and "The Sixties".... View Profile
Ted Miller BASS @ VOCALS. Ted Miller began playing guitar as a teenager in Ohio, being influenced by many of the pioneering bands of the 60's and 70's. He and his wife Bonnie sang as a duo for weddings in the early years of marriage and have occasionally led worship in their church. He was also in a band called "Right Combination" while in Ohio. Ted moved to The Villages, FL in 2008 and has been involved in a few other different local bands, ..."The Salt & Pepper Shakers", "Rock-It Science", "Highway 44".... View Profile
Jeff Inglehart GUITAR. Guitarist Jeff Inglehart once saved a Peruvian village from an avalanche using only a candy bar and a sheet of aluminum foil. Any reports of him and 50 Russian ballerinas stealing a French submarine have never been verified. When he was 17 years old he won the 10th annual Yuma underwater yodeling contest, edging out 40 other contestants. Habitually early, he was already 2 years old when he was born. After being thrown out of school for building a Particle Accelerator to power his scooter, he moved to Tibet, where he learned to play guitar from the famous Tibetan monk Blind Jimmie Jamyang. Shortly afterwards he moved back to America, where he made his fortune investing in Pickle Futures. He then moved to The Villages, where he joined Central Florida's Number One Band for Sixties Music - The Sixties.... View Profile
Dennis Sonntag GUITAR, KEYBOARDS, HARMONICA, VOCALS. Dennis Sonntag’s desire to play music was triggered as a High School Freshman in Indiana on February 9, 1964, during The Beatles’ first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. Originally a drummer, he switched to guitar in his first band, THE NITE LITES, who changed their name to THE VEGETABLE RECONSTRUCTION during the psychedelic music era. (So 60’s, isn’t it?). During this time Dennis picked up the banjo, harmonica, and mandolin to cover the sounds in some of the recordings of the time. The band culminated with two recording sessions of original material in late 1968 at MBS Studios in Chicago. Later bands included HARDWOOD SALT, TUCUMCARI in the 70’s, and NATURE'S WAY into the mid 80’s, all in Indiana. After moving to the Villages in 2010, Dennis helped form THE SIXTIES, and picked up the keyboards to fill in where needed in t... View Profile
Bobby Shields DRUMS. Sorry, but after a year of repeated requests Bobby is yet to supply his history......we are positive he is in the witness protection plan.... View Profile